We convey your story by spinning it into beautiful language
The image above is based on an embroidery set from the long-established French crafts store Maison Sajou


spin! offers fashion related translation and writing.

      spin! carries out creative translation, transcreation and copy creation focused on

      fashion and lifestyle content. Having been in business for 21 years,we continue

       to polish our technique of delivering brands and their stories to audience’s hearts.



Word-for-word translation does not always effectively deliver the voices of these stories, and as a result it often misses the chance to resonate with audiences. This is where creative translation (transcreation) comes into play. spin! provides English/Japanese translation as well as editing and proofreading that emphasizes fluency and style. This enables us to bring the feelings and reactions produced by the original copy to the target audience.


creative writing

spin! writes articles for a variety of media such as the Internet, magazines, newspapers, ads and press releases. The writer has interviewed over 100 celebrities such as designers, movie directors, models and managers while covering events like Fashion Week in New York, London, Paris, Milan and Tokyo. spin! takes advantage of this experience to create articles that are full of life. (the writing service is not currently available).



Our social media notifications go out via a Japanese silver tabby calico cat, whose messages incorporate seasonal flavor. Check out our Instagram for details (Please note that updates are irregular as they are at the cat’s whim). spin! also has a Facebook page that is continually updated. If you find our notifications interesting and the news useful, please become a follower!




spin! is supported by a number of clients at more than 60 companies in 19 countries  







Presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS), The Webby Awards (a.k.a. the “Internet Academy Awards”) are given to outstanding websites. spin! worked as a judge in the fashion category from 1999-2000.

Translation course, CSR activities
 spin! served as an instructor for Proz.com’s “ Fashion Translating Basics” webinar from 2013-2014. Proz.com is the world’s largest translation network with more than 300,000 registered professional translators and translation companies. 

spin! participates in volunteer activities with domestic and overseas NPOs doing charity work, such as United Nations Volunteers and Translators Without Borders. In this way, spin! uses the translation and writing skills to contribute to society. 

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Atsuko Kobayashi Tanimura

Born in Tokyo. Graduated from Waseda University's School of Social Sciences. Began spin! following various office experience working in sales and PR. After two years in the U.S., received a Master's degree in international business from University of London's graduate school international program.

Certified translator for Proz.com. Grade 2 Certified Specialist of Intellectual Property Management.


April 1997

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Synka Information System Co., Ltd.